Chukwu Daniel Chibueze

Software/DevOps Engineer in the making... ;)

Business Tycoon in the making [lol]
And by the way I simply think, "if the process of learning in this civilization is not handled properly, then this civilization will fall..."


My Portfolio Site

My Portfolio Website

Populations Visualize

World Map Data Visualization project Using Python ...

Frisbee Mail Server

Simple Mail Server written in Java ;);


A CLI music library management system written in C++.

"C++ is terrible" - Elon Musk via Twitter

Chaffer Chat

An Intranet Mail Chat Application written in Java.


Django Rest API written in Python

GitHub Constellate

Let's Visualize data from GitHub's API


As at the time of writing Chukwu Daniel Chibueze is a third year Student of the department of Electrical Engineering at the University Of Nigeria.

He is quite knowledgeable in:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript ES6 and some of it's libraries[jQuery]
  • Using Gulp(Oh! I love it!!!) e.t.c #youProbably_lost_there_@_e.t.c
  • Git[]/GitHub[]
  • Using Linux/Unix Systems[Ubuntu,Centos7]
  • Python
  • C++[Pain in the neck but it's worth learning]
  • Java
  • Using PHP ... Laravel makes life a lot easier

To cut a long story short, he is quite conversant with using the modern web developer workflow, using python, C++ and Java!

  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB and MariaDB
  • Node.js
  • React.js

I understand that React.js is mainstream, I was skeptical about React but those Reusable Components are something else :), this definitely puts React in the list.

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